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Based on various philosophies on pricing, sellers traditionally employ one of three strategies:

Aggressive Pricing Strategy: Aggressive pricing is employed when a property is priced at or above the upper end of the reasonable and defensible price range of value (typically 15% or more above fair market value).

Event-based Pricing Strategy: Event pricing is utilized when a certain life event prompts a more immediate sale. This is not necessarily a wholesale pricing strategy; rather, this approach employs a price at the lower end of the reasonable and defensible range of value, which immediately garners attention from a large pool of buyers.

Fair Market Value Pricing Strategy: Fair market value is the price that a property sells for on the open market between a willing buyer and willing seller with neither being required to acquiesce and both having knowledge of relevant facts.

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Our proprietary valuation system employs two distinct analyses and numerous variables to achieve unambiguous, defensible pricing that strengthens our position when marketing and negotiating the sale of your home.

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    This widely-utilized approach provides a baseline of value by comparing the subject property to relevant available and recently sold homes on a price per square foot basis.

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    This unique method separates the land and structural values of a property.

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    An accurate list price generates viable interest in the shortest time possible.

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